BAby and Child Shop

the global multi channel marketplace


Launching Summer of 2016, we aim to bring together the fragmented global baby and children's product market into one easy to navigate virtual multi level shop: THE RETAIL STORE, WHOLESALE TRADE SHOW and FACTORY SOURCING SHOW all in one simple marketplace: WWW.BABYANDCHILDSHOP.COM  

We invite all baby and child brands, retailers and factories from around the world to join us in creating the largest multi level baby and children's product marketplace.  You will get a free store in the marketplace and we will promote you to the world of baby and children's product buyers you aim to target including; retail to end consumer, wholesale to retail buyers and factory to brand buyers.

Why: From my days at Nike, Reef, babygags, Silly Souls, the New Yorker Baby and Kid's collection and now One Apparel I have specialized as both a niche and mass baby and children's owner of brands, producer, wholesaler, retailer, e-tailer and now parent shopper.  I have traveled thousands of miles to hundreds of trade shows to buy and sell goods.  I have traveled thousands of miles to factories to find the right factory to get my goods produced.  And I have built dozens of branded and  3rd party vendor e-commerce sites to sell my goods, which are always edited down by a buyer gate-keeper.  Along the way I have met hundred's of baby and child product entrepreneurs like myself who have done the same, and we have all asked is there not a simpler way to manage this?  Is there not a better way to get around the increasingly powerful mass buyer that edits our collections down so the consumer never sees the best stuff in the store?  I have shopped dozens of sites to get a bit of everything from each in order to get everything I need to buy for my baby and child, as has everyone I know.  Now here I aim to simplify all of these experiences aimed to buy and sell the same baby and child products into on simple place.  

We invite brands and retailers who are leading or small and niche, who are either new or old from all over the world, who are hand made or mass produced.  We will host sites for brands and retailers and factories and target consumers in all of the markets from USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and India, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and the rest of Asia.  

I invite all Baby and Child brands, retailers and producers to unite at here together we can change the industry and create one global industry marketplace.